As a leading BIM and VDC services provider for healthcare construction projects, VEC works on multiple health centers annually. Our deep experience covers the construction of up-to-date private hospitals, clinics, specialty facilities, and medical office buildings. And VEC's healthcare specialists combine medical facility knowledge with VDC, prefabrication, technology, logistics, and equipment.

When working on a healthcare project, we always keep the end users in mind — patients of all ages, their families, doctors, and caregivers. Since we understand how healthcare design can impact successful patient outcomes, we ensure that everything in a relevant medical building works appropriately.VEC works closely with healthcare centers' staff and provides them with design visualization.

Thus, they can understand how different architectural features, materials, or layouts will look. For instance, medical technicians can evaluate the influence of positioning tech equipment on the general design and operating rooms' functionality. Such an approach offers many benefits for a healthcare building project, even in its pre-construction phases.
Are you considering utilizing BIM & VDC services for your construction project? Let’s discuss how VEC can assist you.
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