Let’s Change the [Built] World

VEC was born out of a passion for solving long-standing issues and industry inefficiency through a blend of technology, experience, and a desire to challenge the status quo. We come from the field, the project management office, the design studio, and the BIM/VDC world in pursuit of a collective mission - to challenge the status quo and reshape the way we plan, design, and construct the built world so Humanity can thrive sustainably.

Why did we embark on this mission?
Our Why:

The AEC industry is arguably the most vital industry on the planet. For many of us, there isn’t a single thing we do daily that isn’t tied to construction, yet despite being so vital, it remains one of the least digitized industries and is burdened with waste in the form of natural, human, and capital resources. Our goal is to attack this waste so we can deliver faster, cheaper, safer, high-quality projects that are enjoyable to work on. In doing this, we enable efficient and more sustainable global progress across all industries.

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What does VEC do?

Typically we get labeled as a “BIM & VDC” service provider, but we have a general distaste for these acronyms as it does an injustice in representing who we are, what we stand for, and the mission we are on. In practice, BIM & VDC is simply the application of tech tools and processes throughout the project delivery lifecycle. We do this extremely well, but what we REALLY do is Help the Best Build Better by strategically attacking project inefficiency and leveraging tech tools when it makes sense.

How is VEC different?

- We live by our VECore Values. Check out our Company Culture page to learn more. 

- We come from the AEC world and speak construction. We have a construction first, technology second mindset. 

- We tailor our approach to each project and client uniquely as no two clients and no two projects are the same. 

- We harness the power of our global team to work 24/7, 365 days/year in relentless pursuit of the ideal project outcome. We’re not perfect, but we Own It, and our success is measured through your project success and customer experience.

Company facts

Our Services
Employees in 6 offices
Years of experience
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Minority Business Enterprise
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SF Local Business Enterprise
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CA - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
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Small Business Enterprise

Nationwide territories

Nationwide territories
Washington D.C.
North Carolina
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
VEC Anthem I - Music Video
Watch VEC Anthem I for a glimpse of our company culture.

Construction needs predictability.

When you embark on a project that will last months and cost millions of dollars, would it not feel incredible to have every milestone outlined, every big decision planned, and every project team on the same page?

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