Electrical Trade Contractor

VEC provides electrical trade contractors with high-quality BIM & VDC services. That includes producing 3D models of systems like electrical security, power, fire alarm, lighting, telecom, and internet. Apart from electrical BIM modeling, our expertise covers designing electrical rooms, branch conduits, electrical wiring, power switches and outlets, etc.

As the validation of digital BIM documents requires no significant effort, the electrical contractor may be more confident in its electrical plans’ accuracy. Thus, such validated 3D models allow for finishing prefabrication work faster. Meanwhile, the electrical trade applies design validation to prepare a load schedule to measure the power the installation needs. And using BIM for electrical design helps contractors calculate voltage drops and develop cable tray routes.

BIM for electrical contractors is also advantageous because of the virtual mockups developed. They show the positioning of tech equipment, fire alarms, power systems, and other types of electrical infrastructure. Therefore, the electrical trade contractor can:

Get a visualization of the installation’s assembly sequence

Analyze the connection between particular objects

Ensure that the end product meets customer expectations

Improve the review process

Reduce time and costs

See projects

Project Manager

"My experiences with VEC over the past several years have been consistent; professional, competent, dependable, team-oriented, hardworking, meet deadlines, and responsive."

Regional Superintendent

"VEC has become my first choice regarding BIM and Trimble. The attributes that differentiate them are their teams' technical expertise, the organization's customer service, the organizational agility to adapt their process to my project needs, and the extreme pride they take in their final work products."

Project Manager

"I appreciate VEC's customer-focused approach. Their team does a great job representing our interests in BIM meetings, doing so in a professional manner. Having them as a trade partner on complex projects makes my job easier."