Concrete BIM & VDC

BIM Structural Concrete Service

Being at the forefront of innovative construction solutions, VEC helps clients unlock the future of structural concrete BIM VDC service. With vast expertise in virtual construction, we leverage our BIM modeling and coordination capabilities and onsite tech advancements to provide customers with well-detailed planning and flawless execution. Our professional team is always ready to add value to projects, guaranteeing precision and efficiency.

Our Concrete Services and Capabilities

VEC’s specialists effectively combine innovation and expertise to redefine the landscape of concrete services. As a trusted BIM & VDC partner, we are proud of delivering excellent results that exceed client expectations. The complex concrete services VEC offers are designed to optimize construction processes and promote better project outcomes.

BIM Modeling & Coordination

Our team analyzes, proactively identifies potential issues, and recommends strategies to improve performance. For your project we focus on:

Enhance rebar modeling
Rase deck
Structural modeling
Fire wall
Optimizing concrete volume calculation
Choose the best billing materials
Structural penetrations and openings
Improve field efficiency
Foundation concrete columns

Investing in these initiatives guarantees substantial cost reductions, accelerates project timelines, heightens safety standards, and brings satisfying project outcomes to stakeholders.

Shop / Installation Drawings

Our BIM & VDC services extend to contractors with a central goal: delivering precise installation documentation to the field based on a properly coordinated and clash-free model. Collaborating closely with the onsite team, we create complex install packages catered to site-specific needs.

VEC’s experts develop shop drawings for prefabrication projects that reflect the contractor's interpretation of construction document data. Our installation drawings provide valuable guidance to the field team, facilitating the correct installation of facility components.

BIM In-House Plug-In Development

With a strong commitment to efficiency, VEC employs full-time software developers dedicated to engage in research and development (R&D) endeavors. This team develops crucial plug-ins to automate daily workflows, enhancing output quality while minimizing errors. Through these tailored solutions, we streamline our processes and elevate service standards.

Onsite Layout Quality Control

Pre-Pour Quality Control

Our onsite layout pre-pour quality control guarantees precision and excellence. By leveraging Trimble Layout tech, we meticulously position formwork, block-outs, embeds, and anchor bolts, ensuring their accurate placement. We capture and document element positions just before the pour through advanced laser scanning. That helps us furnish a comprehensive deviation report before concrete placement, empowering us to make necessary last-minute adjustments.

Learn more about 3D laser scanning with VEC

Post-Pour Quality Control

By performing Trimble Layout, we thoroughly verify the positions of anchor bolts to confirm their stability after the pour. Meanwhile, our advanced laser scanning technology allows capturing precise data on element locations, enabling us to assess different shifts that may have occurred during the pour. Also, VEC offers a complex analysis of slab surfaces, providing accurate data on slab levelness. Thus, your project will benefit from appropriate quality control even after the concrete has been set, guaranteeing the integrity of the construction.

Industries Where Concrete Services Are Used

VEC offers BIM concrete-related services across various industries, and the key ones include:
Commercial Real Estate Development
Our concrete services contribute to designing and constructing commercial real estate properties, including housing complexes, office spaces, and mixed-use facilities.
Transportation andInfrastructure
VEC's concrete services are vital in transportation projects like airports and public infrastructure. By utilizing BIM, we ensure the proper design, analysis, and implementation of concrete elements in these critical structures.
Energy and Utilities
VEC offers concrete services for energy generation, distribution, and utility projects. Whether it is constructing power plants, water treatment facilities, or utility structures, our expertise ensures reliable and well-designed concrete components.
Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities
Industries requiring specialized manufacturing or processing facilities also benefit from our concrete services. BIM assists in designing and constructing concrete structures that meet specific operational and safety needs.
Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Pharma
Our concrete services help construct medical facilities, research centers, and laboratories. VEC’s expertise ensures the incorporation of concrete elements that meet strict industry, safety, and functionality standards.
Education Buildings
Educational institutions rely on VEC's concrete services to build classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, and administrative buildings. BIM & VDC help create adaptable and efficient concrete structures.
Entertainment and Hospitality
In these industries, concrete services assist in designing and constructing facilities such as theaters, stadiums, hotels, and convention centers. With VEC, clients obtain both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.
Public Works
Government agencies and civil organizations benefit from our concrete services for creating public buildings, community centers, and government facilities. Here, BIM & VDC is incredibly helpful in efficient planning and execution.
Leveraging BIM & VDC to deliver accurate and cost-effective solutions  while guaranteeing safer, more sustainable, and higher-quality outcomes.

We help construct concrete structures that meet environmental standards and minimize ecological impact.

Benefits of VEC’s Concrete Services

The most critical benefits our concrete services offer are the following:
Advanced BIM & VDC Integrations. Our concrete services are backed by cutting-edge BIM & VDC methodologies. That helps streamline processes, improve collaboration, and ensure precision from planning to execution.
Efficient Installation Drawings. Our BIM-based concrete services involve delivering clear and precise installation drawings. That aids field teams in executing tasks seamlessly, guaranteeing accurate component installation, and minimizing errors.
Tailored Plug-In Development. VEC's dedicated in-house software developers create custom plug-ins to automate daily workflows, boosting efficiency and output quality. These solutions mitigate errors and enhance overall project performance.
High Precision with 3D Laser Scanning. Our 3D laser scanning services provide millimeter-level accuracy in capturing building details. This technology accelerates project completion, eliminates rework, and aids in precise space assessment.
Cost and Time Savings. Implementing BIM concrete services leads to reduced construction costs and accelerated project timelines. The accuracy and efficiency we bring contribute to significant time and financial savings.
Enhanced Collaboration. We foster a seamless exchange of insights and tech expertise through collaborative partnerships with contractors. This synergy results in well-coordinated projects and superior final results.
Quality Assurance. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of our concrete services adheres to the highest quality standards. This dedication promotes superior construction outcomes that stand the test of time.
Risk Mitigation. VEC's detailed planning, advanced technologies, and thorough coordination minimize project risks, ensuring a smoother construction journey with reduced unpredictable challenges.


What types of BIM concrete services does VEC offer?
VEC provides a complex range of concrete services, like BIM Modeling & Coordination, Shop / Installation Drawings creation, BIM In-House Plug-In Development, 3D Laser Scanning, Onsite Layout Pre-Pour Quality Control, and Onsite Post-Pour Quality Control. They cover various industries, ensuring accurate and efficient execution of concrete structures for diverse projects.
How does VEC ensure the quality of concrete structures through BIM & VDC?
VEC ensures quality by creating detailed 3D models allowing precise visualization and analysis of concrete elements before construction begins. That minimizes errors, optimizes resource allocation, and enhances collaboration among project stakeholders, leading to better outcomes.
Can VEC's concrete services accommodate unique project requirements?
Yes. Our concrete services are highly adaptable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. Whether it is a specialized structure, sustainable construction, or adherence to industry standards, our expertise in BIM & VDC ensures that concrete solutions are customized to match your project's unique requirements.

Ensure your project’s successful completion

The success of a project is directly linked to the accuracy of the jobsite management. Meticulous onsite quality control guarantees the transparency of the human, financial and material resource consumption, which leads to the project's overall efficiency. To ensure accurate construction management, VEC offers 3D Laser Scanning and Trimble Layout services.

3D Laser Scanning

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Trimble Layout

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