Onsite Quality Control

VEC leverages technology to provide our clients with the most detailed look on all the dimensions of the most complex building structures.
With our Onsite Quality Control Services, we:
Laser scan the site conditions to identify the smallest deviations as early as possible.
Fly the jobsite with drones to access the parts of the terrain, which will go unnoticed from a ground level observation.
Photo and Video document the gathered data in 360° to report back with maximum precision and in a timely manner.

Discover Onsite Quality

Advanced onsite quality control powered by VEC will double the speed of the project’s sign-offs while minimizing cost overruns and avoiding rework.

Regardless of the project stage or type, there are always some critical gaps. But with our Onsite Quality Control services, clients will obtain the clarity they need to complete their projects seamlessly. By establishing a streamlined process, VEC’s specialists can effectively assess the existing site conditions, identify potential issues or risks, recommend solutions, and work collaboratively with your team. VEC’s unique experience being onsite during construction while applying the latest technology creates a strong connection between the two; we leverage that advantage of our Onsite Quality Control services to increase your project efficiency.

Warren Howard

MWH Webcor, Quality Manager

VEC have excelled in their support to the MWH/Webcor JV on the SFPUC Biosolids Digester Facilities Project. Their timely response to requests, technical queries and collection of quality scan data not only ensures we are able to minimize field QC issues but will also stand the test of time as digital as built data is used by future generations across this facility.

Justin Lewis

OEG, an MDU Resources Group, Inc. Company, General Foreman

I work at OEG, Inc. as a General Foreman Electrician for the Genesis Marina Project in Brisbane, CA. We hired VEC to perform Trimble on this job and they have done nothing but perform at a very high level from day one. This Project, like many others here in the San Francisco Bay Area, has tight deadlines and adverse conditions. With that said, VEC has gone above and beyond to accommodate every need we’ve had thus far. They are an integral part of this Project. They’ve provided solutions to problems that are above and beyond their scope of work. I would not hesitate to use VEC on all of our Projects moving forward. I highly recommend VEC and the services they offer. Their friendly Staff and Management are top notch!

David T. Simpson

AECOM, Principal Engineering Geologist Geo-Engineering Dept.

VEC’s team has been a reliable partner in AECOPM’s continuing 3D survey monitoring of the coastal bluff adjacent to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay for several years now. Leeroy Duarte and his assistants have been courteous, punctual, and professional at all times. I look forward to continuing to work with VEC on this and other projects in the future.


Trimble Layout

Because of the increase in implementing BIM coordination on projects, it becomes reasonable to utilize new technologies to support layout for installation. Although traditional methods remain effective, our customized Trimble layout tool offers a more accurate and precise way to correctly lay out points in the field. That improves construction schedules and allows for project savings.

3D Laser Scanning

Experience the most precise models with our state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning services. Unlike traditional methods, a digital laser scanner captures details, ensuring even millimeter accuracy. This technology allows for measuring the building components’ length, width, and height and analyzing their connection. Laser scanning services are crucial for a project as they help complete it on time, within budget, and eliminate the need for rework. 

Construction projects often need accurate detail of current space conditions. Using 3D building scanning enables our team to capture the existing situation in a non-destructive manner. Since we understand the purpose of such data collection, we can strategically move through a space to fulfill your project requirements.

Scan to BIM

The data collected during 3D building scanning is derived from millions of points that modern devices generate. These 3D point clouds cover the precise geometry of all components within the facility and create a relevant digital replication of what human eyes see. When scanning to BIM, these point clouds are transformed into accurate models reflecting what has exactly been constructed and bringing all information necessary for as-built or renovation purposes.

Although the scan to BIM process is advantageous, it is pretty extensive. Thus, not everyone can perform it efficiently. Fortunately, VEC has an experienced team that correctly understands accuracy requirements and converts point clouds into robust 3D models you may use during the design or construction coordination process.
With great attention to detail and a focus on quality, our scan to BIM models can confidently be considered as-built models.


Labeling is a feature of giving names to the project’s components. Traditionally, they are made with pieces of adhesive tape and markers, but we find this approach outdated. That’s why we developed a unique system to make your project more effective.

We print labels for conduits and boxes, which helps simplify construction work, avoid confusion, reduce the risk of human error, and guarantee that different system parts are connected correctly.

Colored conduit and box labels on the construction field allow for quickly identifying the service type of elements — our team designs them to contain more information than typical handwritten stickers. So, there is no need to refer to additional sources, since wire pull data and conduit length are on the spot.

360° Photo/Video Documentation

Documentation on any job site has its challenges. Proper photo/video documentation provides a valuable virtual walkthrough. With 360° technology, we can capture the existing conditions and construction progress more quickly and efficiently. We can simultaneously deploy the right technology for the job by assessing the current situation — whether walking the site or flying it using drones.

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