VEC’s mission is to constantly work to make VEC a game-changing company in construction and help humanity thrive sustainably.


  • Be Virtuous: behaving or done in a way that is morally good and right

  • Give back to our communities through our work, time, and monetarily

Own It
  • Own it! Take responsibility for all that you touch

  • View "their problems" as "our opportunities"

  • Be dependable and deliver the highest quality product and service

  • Never stop exploring, learning, and seeking knowledge and experience

  • Challenge the status quo, then innovate and pioneer the new status quo

Better Together
  • "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much"

  • United as one community on a shared journey in pursuit of a common goal

  • Take time to recharge and prevent burnout

  • Balance self-interest with the best interest of your company & community

Construction needs predictability.

When you embark on a project that will last months and cost millions of dollars, would it not feel incredible to have every milestone outlined, every big decision planned, and every project team on the same page?

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