Specialized BIM Services for each trade

VEC’s BIM/VDC support services are a must-have for any construction project to deliver on time facilities with the highest level of quality and predictability. At VEC, we handle projects of different completion stages and complexities with a 5-star delivery and careful approach.

Features of each service

VEC team gets that consistently delivering top-notch engineering services is only half of the job. We make collaboration stress-free with our expertise in project management, construction coordination & design as well. Here is a breakdown of why partnering with VEC takes a load off our clients.


Stay on top of cutting-edge services engineering with BIM and VDC solutions. VEC uses 3D modeling and data-driven insights to optimize electrical systems, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs.

Construction Coordination

We know the ins and outs of how to harmonize installations with the overall project. It's about seamless integration of components into the construction to minimize disruptions and ensure well-coordinated delivery.

Project Management

Advanced project management is the secret sauce to VEC's high-quality contract engineering services. We offer comprehensive oversight, from initial planning to final execution, with three must-haves: on-point timing, adequate budgeting and compliance with regulations.

Onsite Quality Control

Our field facility engineering services cover clients' on-site needs to troubleshoot, install, and maintain engineering systems with precision and care.