VEC has significant experience working with the most reputable general contractors in the United States and ensuring proper 3D coordination on their projects. Built from the field, our experts look beyond the model, searching for creative ways to apply their knowledge and expertise to items before they become issues. As a result, the planning and execution of highly complex and fast-moving projects are vastly enhanced with VEC in the GC BIM coordination role.

Thanks to our cloud-based BIM & VDC services, the general contractor can effectively cooperate with other trades and the customer. That allows for identifying and addressing issues in real-time, which also helps avoid expensive errors and leads to a reduction in rework.

Since modern digital technologies have become a necessity, not just “nice to have” options, more and more general contractors require BIM coordination during all stages of construction — proving the importance of BIM in the GC’s workflow.

VEC’s 3D coordination provides general building contractors with the ability to:

Visualize the entire project appropriately

Estimate project costs accurately

Improve change order management

Boost labor efficiency

Enhance facility management

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