VEC has significant experience working with the most famous general construction contractors in the United States and ensuring proper 3D coordination on their projects. Built from the field, our experts look beyond the model, searching for creative ways to apply their knowledge and expertise to items before they become issues. As a result, the planning and execution of highly complex and fast-moving projects are truly enhanced with VEC in the GC BIM coordination role.

BIM Advantages for General Contractors

Thanks to our cloud-based BIM & VDC expertise, building firms providing general contracting services can effectively cooperate with other trades and the customer. That allows for identifying and addressing issues in real-time, which also helps avoid expensive errors and reduce rework.

Since modern digital technologies have become necessary, not just “nice to have” options, more and more general contractors require BIM coordination during all stages of construction. That only proves the importance of BIM in the GC’s workflow. Ultimately, 3D coordination provides general building contractors with the ability to:

Visualize the entire project appropriately

Estimate project costs accurately

Improve change order management

Boost labor efficiency

Enhance facility management

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How We Do It

As a reliable BIM & VDC partner, VEC brings cutting-edge general BIM coordination services for general contractors, design, and architect firms. We continually leverage our construction background and tech solutions to provide clients with an exceptional BIM execution plan (BEP).

Contract Language Assistance

We approach each project as a unique and exciting opportunity. Our initial action involves thoroughly examining the existing contractual language to gain insight into the BIM standards and offers valuable recommendations tailored to the project's specific characteristics.

BEP & Coordination Schedules

Our experts search for specific details that aid in developing a targeted BEP and an efficient construction coordination schedule. VEC's professionals have expertise in conducting proper reviews and scheduling, allowing us to identify significant milestones and critical paths swiftly.

Coordination Platform Setup

VEC can establish a coordination platform that fosters effective communication, accountability, and transparency. We recognize the crucial role of shared coordinate systems in addressing specific issues, tracking assignments, and maintaining strong communication.

Experience And Knowledge Give You The Leading Edge To Do The Job Right

VEC is a trustworthy BIM company cooperating with famous businesses in the AEC industry that offer general construction services nationwide. Our skilled team can successfully meet all the requirements of general contractors regarding their commercial, industrial, and residential facilities. From contract language assistance to BEP creation to coordination platform setup, VEC’s experts, with over 250 successful cases behind, may always be handy with your project!
Brendan Leathem

Studio Director, STO Build Group

“Partnering with VEC is one of the highlights of my latest project. They laid the foundation of success that this project has been built on. I couldn’t be any prouder of what we have achieved, and look to VEC as a trusted partner for all of our future BIM/VDC needs.”

Jose Mari

MEP Coordinator, Clune Construction

“I would formally like to thank you and your team for their efforts on the 725 South Wells project. From day one VEC proved to be prepared and organized. Your team was highly engaged prior to the subcontractor kick-off meeting and knew exactly how to manage the coordination schedule. The experience that the lead project manager, Tom Sullivan, has in the construction industry proved to be invaluable. It allowed the entire coordination team to be prepared for a dynamic work environment.”

Connor Toomey

Project Manager, HITT Contracting, Inc.

“Throughout my time at HITT I have worked with several different companies that provide BIM Management & Coordination. From day 1 VEC proved to be the most prepared and organized of all those companies…After this project, I moved VEC to the top of my list for outside BIM Management & Coordination.”


How can BIM benefit general contractors?
BIM can bring numerous benefits to general contractors in the AEC industry. Some key ways include improved collaboration and coordination, accurate quantity takeoffs, efficient scheduling, cost estimation and analysis, clash detection, risk mitigation, and enhanced visualization.
How can BIM improve coordination and collaboration in general contracting?
BIM can greatly enhance coordination and collaboration in general contracting by providing a centralized platform for data sharing and communication among all project stakeholders. BIM also helps reduce conflicts, enhance communication, and ensure all trades work towards a common goal. That leads to better project outcomes and increased productivity.
How does BIM help general contractors streamline projects?
BIM helps general contractors streamline projects by facilitating collaboration among all trades, enabling better visualization of their work, optimizing schedules, and improving construction sequencing. It provides a comprehensive digital model that increases efficiency, reduces errors, and supports effective project management from planning to facility maintenance.