VEC Innovation

Challenging the Status Quo

A place where the curiosity to help the best build better leads to innovation of a new BIM level.

VEC Innovation

How We Save Projects

One of the key VEC’s key strengths is saving your construction project when everything goes wrong, mainly due to other contractors’ failures. Entering, fixing, aligning — that's our motto!

Suppose the situation on your project is awful, and your current contractors cannot do things better and ensure proper coordination. That's where we come in. The VEC team can improve it and deliver high-quality results on time. Although it is tough and challenging, that is what we like the most — to enter, impact the project, and satisfy the customer!

In-House Plug-In Development

Using BIM in-house plug-in development to boost automation is a unique feature of VEC’s services, one we will continue to invest in. With full-time software developers focusing on R&D, we can reduce modeling and annotation process inefficiencies. That enables our team to impact each project significantly. By coding these plug-ins, our engineers automate the team’s daily workflow, increase the quality of our output, and minimize errors.

Prefabrication Drawings

VEC creates accurate and detailed prefabrication drawings. You can utilize them to integrate relevant prefabricated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) components or services. With our qualified in-house engineers, customers get error-free and clash-free drawings. They are developed using the latest tools and software, such as Autodesk and Revit, keeping the BIM modeling environment in mind. This course of action allows for effectively manufacturing the assembly and making its onsite installation easier for contractors.


Our specialists created their unique labeling system to replace traditional methods like using tapes or markers thereby increasing your project’s efficiency. Thus, VEC has started printing labels for conduits and boxes, which is crucial for simplifying construction work, eliminating confusion, reducing errors, and ensuring the proper connection of various system parts. Lastly, with colored conduit and box labels on the field, you can quickly define the elements’ service types.