Mechanical Trade Contractor

VEC works with leading mechanical trade contractors, assisting them in BIM coordination, prefabrication planning, routing optimization, and creation of shop and installation drawings. As an experienced BIM & VDC partner, we offer top-notch mechanical BIM services that allow mechanical contractors to seamlessly deliver their projects and effectively eliminate conflicts between different trades.


Trade mechanical contractors widely use BIM models for analysis, faster production of shop drawings, special coordination, and constructability evaluation. Mechanical BIM is increasingly popular in fabrication as it brings contractors many significant benefits. They include reduced material waste, better schedule performance, improved worker safety, and increased quality of installed work.

Since designing, fabricating, installing, and managing HVAC and plumbing systems is often challenging with traditional tools, utilizing BIM technology is a perfect option. In addition to the mentioned advantages, a mechanical contractor using BIM services can:

Avoid challenges and errors during construction

Increase labor productivity and profitability

Improve the overall fabrication process

Enhance collaboration on the project

Boost cost effectiveness

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Project Manager

"My experiences with VEC over the past several years have been consistent; professional, competent, dependable, team-oriented, hardworking, meet deadlines, and responsive."

UA Local 38Business Agent

"The use of advanced technology has become a constant on all of our major projects.VEC has the experience and tools needed to push forward. We are excited about what the future holds.”

Project Manager

"I appreciate VEC's customer-focused approach. Their team does a great job representing our interests in BIM meetings, doing so in a professional manner. Having them as a trade partner on complex projects makes my job easier."