Capsida Biotherapeutics Gene Therapy Facility

15,000 sq. ft.
Thousand Oaks, CA

Capsida Biotherapeutics, Inc. is a well-known, fully-integrated biotech company that creates innovative targeted adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapies for people struggling with life-threatening genetic disorders. Their business is considered unique because of its end-to-end expertise, involving not only AAV engineering, translational biology, and clinical development, but also effective cargo development, optimization, and up-to-date manufacturing. 

The project’s main objective was to create a new manufacturing site and use it for engineering small viral particles that help treat rare genetic diseases. This biopharmaceutical facility covers two production suites that allow for flexible movement of equipment, a sterile fill room for drug packaging, and a large storage space with freezers for drug preservation. The most significant task for VEC was ensuring proper power and telecom system performance, which is crucial for the consistent and rapid manufacturing of high-quality therapies.

VEC specialists were a crucial part of this manufacturing site project in 2021. For such a state-of-the-art facility in Thousand Oaks, California, our experienced team provided BIM & VDC services and created 3D models of power and telecom systems. During the project, VEC closely collaborated with all involved contractors, including Taft Electric.

With BIM technology, we enhanced cooperation between all stakeholders and maintained effective communication by providing all parties with the necessary data. Our team created a BIM Execution plan that enabled further management of BIM deliverables and construction of the mentioned models on site.

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VEC often works on biopharmaceutical projects, but Capsida Biotherapeutics Gene Therapy Facility is among the most recognized ones in this sector. This particular Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility features the latest equipment and processes that allow the client to respond to any changes quickly and make relevant improvements. VEC contributed to creating an excellent biotech site in Thousand Oaks, a renowned medical tech area.
With BIM & VDC services, VEC contributed to creating the building that ensures unidirectional flow for the personnel and raw materials, increasing environmental control.
Our specialists created robust 3D models using Revit to clarify how power and telecom systems would work. That also allowed for reducing clashes and addressing other significant project-related problems.
The VEC Team efficiently contributed to the facility’s ability to manufacture clinical supplies and deliver them to patients faster.