Bringing Synergy between BIM and Construction

VEC is a BIM/VDC service provider with first-hand construction and engineering project delivery backgrounds. With BIM technologies, we help the best build better and pave digital transformation for the AEC industry! That provides us with a construction-first, technology-second mindset.
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Providing Nationwide Services

VEC is a constantly growing business with leading designers and contractors with vast expertise in BIM, virtual design, and construction technologies. Since the foundation, we have delivered over 250+ nationwide projects. And with 160 BIM virtual construction experts, our company is among the United States’ most experienced BIM and VDC vendors. That allows us to assist customers in designing, building, and managing projects more effectively, leverage BIM advantages, and ensure the proper project lifecycle.
Employees in 6 offices
Years of experience


Enhanced Design
A service specifically tailored for owners and developers. We help bridge the gap between design and construction by leveraging our proprietary process and vast experience in preconstruction.
Digital Execution & Governance Planning
Design Model Development to LOD 350
Validate & Optimize System Distribution
Model-Based Cost Analysis
Enhanced Design
General BIM Coordination
Built from the field, our team leverages prior experience in field management and real-world MEP trade coordination to deliver the highest possible value from BIM coordination.
Digital BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
Contract Language Assistance
Develop Coordination Schedule
Coordination Platform Setup
General BIM Coordination
Electrical VDC/BIM
VEC's roots in the construction world began with electrical project management and BIM implementation, which continues to inspire our journey since the electrical scope presents one of the most significant challenges regarding design and installation.
Redlining & Preplanning
BIM Modeling & Coordination
Prefabrication / Spool Sheets / BOM
Shop / Installation Drawings
Electrical VDC/BIM
Mechanical / Plumbing VDC / BIM
We keep the installer in mind at each design stage, 3D modeling, coordination, and drawing production. This policy enables our mechanical BIM specialists to reduce different productivity deterrents.
Constructability Review & Routing Optimization
Prefabrication Planning
3D Mechanical Modeling &
Shop Drawings
Installation Drawings
Mechanical / Plumbing VDC / BIM
Onsite Technology
Despite the project stage or type, there can always be some critical gaps to realize. But with our onsite technology services, streamlined processes, and experienced specialists, clients will obtain the required clarity.
Trimble Layout
3D Laser Scanning
Scan to BIM
360° Photo/Video Documentation
Onsite Technology


VEC is a rapidly growing company that has already gained some critical certifications thanks to our support in job creation and contribution to a more robust local economy.

Minority Business Enterprise

SF Local Business Enterprise

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Small Business Enterprise

Who we work for:

Featured Projects

VEC’s team of BIM virtual construction experts has completed dozens of notable projects across the United States. From pharma life sciences and healthcare to education, aviation, and commercial real estate, we are a trustworthy vendor for companies from different industries.

Why Choose VEC

Speed of production and prediction
We use the latest technology and implement new initiatives to transform the construction process. That allows us to generate efficient solutions and enhance communication between team members and partners, which, in turn, speeds up production and prediction.
Rockstar team
We create a culture of continuous learning, curiosity, and experimentation. That attracts potential employees looking for professional growth and motivates our specialists on board to take risks, test ideas in practice, and extend client expectations.
Our projects from multiple industries speak for themselves. From 3D laser scanning to general BIM coordination, VEC offers high-quality services and considers emerging challenges as factors that drive success. And we guarantee our employees’ constant skills development through knowledge sharing, personal programs, etc.
Although construction is often associated with a global climate change issue, our goal is to improve the communities where we live — that is why we work on sustainable, cost-effective projects to reduce our carbon footprint.

Who we build with:

We work closely with well-known U.S. general contractors and trade subcontractors. Such collaboration is advantageous for the entire construction project since it brings accurate time and cost estimation and guarantees its successful delivery.

VEC Innovations

We constantly work to make VEC a game-changing company in construction and help Humanity thrive sustainably. That becomes possible by continually implementing the latest technologies, creating new solutions, and encouraging the team to develop their skills.

VEC LOD Slide Through Comparison
Unlocking Predictability with Level of Development

Meet us on media

Construction Genius: A Leadership Master-Class
Shane Saltzgiver — founder and CEO of VEC, joins us today to discuss reducing waste in our construction projects using technology.
Autodesk University — Conference Presentation
Shane Saltzgiver, Leo Castillo and Rob Ohata present at Autodesk University 2019 about "Construction Technology Showdown -Does One Reality Capture Solution Rule Them All?"
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