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Whatever you’re building, it helps to know all the steps. That’s what sets VEC apart. With over 100 projects under our belt in a few short years and experience gained across the entire construction ecosystem, the only thing that surprises us anymore is how easy we make life for our clients.


You’ve come to the right place.

In an industry battling age-old project delivery challenges, VEC was born to change the game.

To us, technology isn't a shortcut, it's the difference between construction done right and asking for trouble. Onsite, mechanical, electrical, and beyond — no matter where your project is in its lifecycle, we’ll work seamlessly with your team, using the best tools for the job.


The Blank Canvas.

The earlier we get involved, the easier construction will be.

It’s easier to ask what we don’t do.

Construction technology is rapidly evolving. Our offerings grow with it.

VEC has the tools and know-how to evaluate, validate, implement, and innovate. We connect your project with the vision that you have for it.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • BIM for MEP Systems
    Design & Engineering (A/E)
  • BIM for Design Optimization
  • BIM for Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR)
  • BIM for Value Engineering (VE)
  • BIM for Operations/Facility Management (FM)
  • BIM for Project Financial Analysis
Virtual Design & Construction (VDC)
  • VDC Modeling & Detailing for MEP Trades
  • VDC Installation (Shop) Drawings
  • VDC Prefabrication Design
  • VDC Scheduling & Estimating
  • VDC Preconstruction Planning
  • VDC Bid Pursuit Support
  • VDC Visualization & Simulation (4D)
Onsite Technology
  • Construction Photo Documentation (HD360)
  • MEP Layout (Robotic Total Station)
  • High-Definition 3D Laser Scanning (HDS)
  • As-Built Modeling (Scan-to-BIM)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mapping (UAV)
  • Asset Labeling & Tagging for FM
  • Pre & Post-Pour Concrete QA/QC
Coordination Management
  • BIM Trade Coordination
  • Design & Construction Clash Detection
    & Resolution
  • 3D Cloud Sharing & Model Coordination
  • Construction Logistics Planning
  • Constructability Review & Optimization
  • Resource Planning & Optimization
  • Data & Document Management

We speak your language.


As you put a team together for your next construction project, you might find yourself balancing lots of moving parts. That’s where VEC comes in. The sooner we get involved, the smoother your work will flow.

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General Contractor

When you’re juggling multiple crews and deadlines, every detail is critical. That’s what VEC is for: analyzing and empowering every step of your process.  After 100 success stories, we’re proud to maintain the General Contractor relationships we’ve built and ready to apply everything we’ve learned to your project.

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MEP Trade Construction

From plumbing to mechanical to electrical, VEC gets that your specialty needs careful planning and seamless integration. Our field-seasoned trade experts understand the means and methods of your trade.

See how we do it

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What’s so great about VEC?

We’d love to sing our own praises, but they mean a lot more coming from hard numbers and real people.

Over 100 construction experts across three continents.
Decades of cumulative field experience.
More than 100 successful projects  in the last three years.
24/7 dedication from a global production team.
Diverse clients, including leaders in aviation, healthcare, tech, and residential.
National reach, to tackle any construction task or obstacle.
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Jane Doe
Project Manager at LAX Airport
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Jane Doe
Project Manager at LAX Airport
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Jane Doe
Project Manager at LAX Airport
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Jane Doe
Project Manager at LAX Airport
"I highly recommend VEC for contract work. They walked us through and trained us on every step of the process."
Sr. Project Engineer
Kiewit | Presidio Parkway Tunnels
"Involving VEC with our project was one of the best decisions we made. Their contributions enabled us to reduce the utility installation schedule, minimize rework, and deliver a higher quality product."
Resident Engineer
Caltrans | Doyle Drive
"It was the right move bringing VEC onto the project. The value they provided was immeasurable."
Project Director
Webcor | 706 Mission
"VEC are excellent collaborators and mentors. Their ability to leverage technology to solve complex problems created massive value for the project."
Strategic Projects Executive
Autodesk | The Landmark @ One Market
"VEC is the best BIM team I have ever worked with."
Project Manager
CW Driver | UC Santa Barbara Classroom Building
"Looking at the model, I have to say you guys are awesome! 10/10 would recommend. I'm aiming for your level of [quality] in my VDC career path."
Assistant Project Manager
Johnson Raleigh Dealership | Choate Construction

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