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VEC is here to make your aviation project efficient and sustainable with our BIM & VDC services. Guaranteeing the infrastructure’s enhanced design and the accessibility of the vital data to increase the airport’s life span.
VEC’s path in the BIM & VDC industry began with aviation projects — our team worked on metropolitan airport hubs across the US. Since then, our expertise in airport construction only deepened. From building new terminals and transportation hubs to expanding concourses, VEC’s experts know how to manage the scale of an aviation project, conduct effective coordination meetings, and ensure the facility’s long-term functionality.

BIM & VDC technology plays a pivotal role in the high-stakes world of airport construction. 3D models are well-detailed and easily accessible by all the trades, which makes clash detection timely and cost effective resulting in the streamlined construction process and the compliance with the safety standards. Partnering with VEC on the aviation construction project is building a safe, passenger-friendly, and sustainable airport infrastructure.
Are you considering utilizing BIM & VDC services for your construction project? Let’s discuss how VEC can help you build better.
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