Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay

70,000 sq. ft.
Half Moon Bay, CA

The 261-room luxury Ritz-Carlton Resort in Half Moon Bay, CA, was constructed in 2001 on a cliff along the rocky coastline. Since then, the hotel has won many hospitality awards, making it a popular destination for local and international tourists. This unique oceanfront property features the main hotel lodge containing 209 rooms, three guest houses with 52 rooms, food and beverage spaces, a spa, and two golf courses. The resort’s design allows guests to feel immersed in the outdoor beauty and offers a fantastic customer experience. 

The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay monitors the coastal bluff upon which the hotel sits, keeping tabs on environmental soil erosion that might pose a future safety risk for guests or the structure itself. Thus, the main challenge for VEC tech specialists was correctly assessing the current situation and defining the potential issues and risks for the hotel’s building. We collaborated effectively with the client and delivered the project successfully within time and budget frames.

VEC experts worked on the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay project in 2021. As an experienced BIM & VDC partner, we provided exemplary onsite technology and modeling services for the 70,000 square foot area. 

Using high-definition 3D laser scans, VEC collected images of the cliff face, the Ritz-Carlton building, and the multi-column support structure embedded within the terrain. These scans were then translated into detailed, 2D As-Built Line Drawings, which are compared against datasets collected in previous years, revealing any signs of erosion or geological activity.

With 3D laser scanning, the VEC Team could ensure accurate and precise capturing of space conditions and ensure no destruction occurred to the facility and its territory. Since we correctly understood the captured data’s goal, we were able to satisfy all project requirements.

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With high-quality reality capture and modeling services, VEC specialists helped the Ritz-Carlton continue its business activities and provide guests with the best possible service. Assisting this spectacular hotel that combines the historical beauty of 19th-century seaside lodges and modern luxury was a pleasure for VEC. The Ritz-Carlton is a famous San Francisco Bay Area landmark attracting visitors from all parts of the world, making it among the most memorable projects for our experts in the hospitality sector.
Our onsite technology expertise and streamlined process brought more clarity to the project and helped the customer make data-based decisions in the future.
Utilizing drone technology and 3D laser scanning allowed for capturing site conditions quickly and converting them into relevant 2D As-Built Line Drawings.
Such drawings provided the opportunity to compare the collected information with the previous datasets and define the following steps to ensure the site’s proper maintenance.