BIM Modeling Services

VEC is among the most popular BIM modeling services providers in the United States, with successful projects delivered to owners across many market sectors. Our team has successfully assisted architects, engineering firms, general contractors, and MEP trades in ensuring the desired outcomes of their construction projects.

What Is BIM Modeling?

BIM modeling is a 3D modeling process enabling professionals within the AEC industry to facilitate building creation by providing efficient design deliverables. With an accurate visualization, 3D BIM modeling services bring valuable insights for all project stakeholders, mainly related to clash detection, which reduces conflicts between trade installations.

This virtual approach presents accurate and well-detailed constructability data. Our specialists utilize a BIM modeling service during the entire project lifecycle to demonstrate an “as-built” condition of the client’s final product. We work with the best available BIM software solutions, including Navisworks, Revit, and Bluebeam, to develop our robust models.

Our BIM Modeling Services

VEC has skilled BIM & VDC specialists who can ensure the proper development of custom 3D models for your project at affordable prices. Assisting our clients to establish more collaborative, effective, and automated processes is the core of our 3D modeling services.
Electrical BIM Modeling

The essential tasks of electrical BIM modeling are reviewing proposed designs, planning sequencing within all construction specializations, defining possible issues, and recommending how to increase the overall performance. With an emphasis on constructability-based modeling, VEC minimizes field rework and guarantees better safety and faster installation.

When providing electrical BIM modeling, we aim to enhance equipment layout, optimize system routing, vet installation options, and choose the best materials. Investing in these services will reduce general project costs, improve scheduling and safety and lead to higher efficiency.

3D Mechanical Modeling

When collaborating with the leading MEP contractors, VEC offers a large scope of mechanical and plumbing BIM services. We do much more than review contract drawings or transform them into 3D models to obtain constructible ones. 
Implementing BIM for mechanical trades means that our experts first review and mark contract drawings, align installation methods, and choose necessary materials. Only after these steps are completed does VEC start the modeling process. This approach ensures the accurate and efficient capturing of valuable data, like valve tag information and bill of materials (BOM), during 3D mechanical model coordination.

Industries We Serve
Regardless of the complexity of your construction project and the industry you’re building for, VEC always brings value by leveraging our significant BIM expertise.
The Benefits of Our BIM Modeling Services
With our first-class MEP BIM modeling services, clients get the following advantages:
Faster clash detection and resolution
Straightforward construction planning
Enabled electrical and mechanical prefabrication
On-site risk minimization
Better coordination with MEP contractors
Smoother project workflows and improved productivity
Seamless transition from 2D drawings to 3D models
Real-time data analysis and project updates
Adherence to data standards
Efficient data management during the project lifecycle


What Are BIM Modeling Services?
VEC offers world-class BIM modeling services across the USA that depend on thorough BIM Execution Plans, specifications, and utilization of the latest BIM software. This allows us to bring the right solutions that meet your 3D modeling requirements and budget. VEC’s key BIM modeling services include converting 2D AutoCAD drawings to 3D Revit models, 3D BIM coordinated models following LOD standards, shop/installation drawings of MEP systems, 4D scheduling, and cost estimation.
How Does BIM Modeling Work?
BIM modeling is a complex process that helps create and manage digital representations of buildings and structures. It includes applying tools and software like Revit, Navisworks, and Bluebeam to develop a detailed 3D model. This end result allows AEC professionals to streamline each aspect of a construction project, from design to the operations phase. Thus, BIM modeling helps reduce on-site issues, increase workflow efficiency, and ensure faster delivery.
Why Choose VEC?
VEC is an experienced BIM & VDC company with certifications including MBE, LBE, DBE, and SBE and an emphasis on delivering timely, high-quality outcomes. We have significant expertise in adopting efficient, fully-integrated BIM modeling processes. With a team of BIM professionals who have completed over 250 projects nationwide, we will become a trusted partner on your project. Thanks to our MEP BIM modeling services, you will benefit from increased productivity, improved cooperation, and cost savings.
Are you considering utilizing BIM & VDC services for your construction project? Let’s discuss how VEC can help you build better.
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