General BIM Coordination

As an experienced BIM coordinator, VEC recognizes the demand for better processes. So, we focus on leveraging our construction background and tech expertise to provide all stakeholders with a project-specific BIM Execution Plan (BEP). Apart from being construction-oriented, these plans are organized, detailed, and transparent.

Our team starts each new project by thoroughly reviewing contract BIM requirements, risks, budgets, CDs, existing conditions, schedules, survey control, and benchmarks. We work closely with all customers to develop a BEP and coordinate scheduling, integrating them seamlessly with project requirements and milestones.

Ultimately, we manage BIM coordination on a simple platform providing our clients with precise data to keep them updated on progress. Thanks to our general coordination professionals, all project teams are on the same page and focused on working towards a constructible model. That allows for creating clear and logical shop drawings, efficient layouts, and reducing RFIs and carbon footprint during construction.


Contract Language Assistance

VEC approaches every project as a unique challenge. The first step is to review available contract language to understand what BIM standards have already been considered and how we can improve and reinforce them. We make valuable suggestions due to the project’s nature. That allows our clients to set the stage from the beginning (sometimes, even before contracts are issued). Also, that provides a powerful tool to lean on during complex project negotiations.

BEP & Coordination Schedules

After assisting in establishing strong coordination contract language, we start deeply analyzing construction documents and schedules. Our specialists look for specific information that helps create a targeted BEP and construction coordination schedule. We can set up such documents appropriately by understanding the existing site conditions, design, specific challenges, and the desired construction flow.

VEC’s professionals are adept at drawing reviews and scheduling, enabling us to identify the relevant milestones and critical paths quickly. As a reliable BIM project coordinator, we use this information to tailor a coordination schedule and make it fit our customer’s construction schedule. Overall, a strong BIM execution plan and a correct schedule make it possible to start the project on the right foot and provide the entire team with clear direction.

Coordination Platform Setup

Our experts set up a coordination platform ensuring clear communication, accountability, and transparency. That is because well-thought-out shared coordinate systems, precise issues and assignment tracking, and strong communication are vital. And the entire project benefits when all involved parties can understand its status and tasks to complete.

At VEC, we do not want project teams to arrive at BIM meetings with nothing more than a semi-coherent list of viewpoints. Instead, we believe in analyzing clashes and leveraging our vast construction experience to organize, assign correctly, and elevate only significant issues. After achieving sign-off, we work hand in hand with all clients to guarantee that model shop drawings will be done on time and meet expectations. We are always available to address problems arising after coordination, and we work hard to make your project succeed.

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