Zymergen HQ. Emeryville

Life Science
357,243 sq. ft.
Emeryville, CA
Emeryville, CA
Zymergen has leased a 357,000-square-foot building in the Emeryville Center of Innovation campus. The particular center is among the most prominent destinations for next-generation life science and tech companies based in the Bay Area. As one of the national leaders in science and material innovation, the company aims to move to a new headquarters, accommodating its rapid growth and consolidating more personnel under fewer roofs. Zymergen produces microbes for fashioning specialized molecules from them. The customer uses such genetically altered microbes to manufacture different cutting-edge materials. Thus, VEC found it challenging to design all necessary system models to ensure the effectiveness of Zymergen’s operations and meet all regulatory requirements.
VEC started working on this state-of-the-art life science project in 2022. From the beginning, we have become a crucial part of this project and maintained efficient collaboration with all involved contractors, notably Cupertino Electric. In this case, the VEC Team has provided power, lighting, fire alarm (FA), emergency responder radio communications systems (ERRCS), and security system modeling services with the help of Revit software. Our qualified BIM & VDC specialists have created a thorough BIM Execution Plan. That is vital for further appropriate project coordination, data sharing, and management of BIM deliverables. Meanwhile, the created 3D systems’ models have enabled all stakeholders to learn how these systems will look and work after construction. The relevant approach is advantageous as it helps improve communication between all parties and reduce project costs.
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The good news for the local and surrounding communities is that this new space will allow Zymergen to feature 1,200 jobs. That only proves the Emeryville Center of Innovation's importance in this area.
  • With our BIM & VDC services, we have assisted in creating a purpose-built lab hub that will promote the growth of life science and manufacturing innovative products.
  • By providing the necessary 3D models, our experienced team has ensured the proper performance of the customer’s machinery and other equipment, which is essential for dealing with microbes to create materials for different industries.
  • We have assisted all stakeholders and the customer in project delivery and contributed to creating the facility that will allow Zymergen to scale its operations efficiently.