USF Steamline Replacement

157,000 sq. ft.
San Francisco, CA

Educational establishments are among the popular facilities VEC helps construct. Our team understands how crucial it is for universities, colleges, and similar institutions to provide students with the appropriate infrastructure for studying, researching, relaxing, etc. Thus, we found it exciting to help the University of San Francisco (USF) with its steamline replacement project on the lower campus. 

The client aimed to excavate the current steamline infrastructure and replace and repave Welch Field and other nearby pathways. They involve the lower portion of the Gleason lawn and the north & south footpaths. During the project, the most significant challenge for VEC was to guarantee high-quality services despite the university continuing its work and activities.

Our specialists worked on that steamline maintenance/replacement project for the USF lower campus in 2022. Here, we provided onsite technology and mechanical BIM & VDC services.

Onsite Technology

With robust 3D laser scanning, VEC’s experts brought clarity to the project. By streamlining the process, our experienced team could assess the current situation properly and identify clashes and other potential issues. Besides, laser scanning technology allowed for accurate and precise capturing of the existing space conditions. That, in turn, enables trades to continue a strategic movement through the particular space to meet all project requirements.

Mechanical BIM & VDC

When it comes to mechanical BIM & VDC services, we prioritized the installers’ needs during all design stages, including 3D model creation, coordination, and drawings production. Therefore, our experts provided top-notch constructability markups and routing optimizations to create relevant buildable models and drawings. Meanwhile, with prefabrication planning, we could help the customer save resources during the replacement process.

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By providing our onsite technology and mechanical VDC services, we guaranteed excellent cooperation among all trades and helped everyone make necessary decisions on time. Thus, VEC contributed to constructing a well-equipped place for students and their activities. 
Besides innovative design and sustainable materials, our laser scanning services helped create up-to-date student infrastructure.
We delivered the project on time and within the previously established budget since we could eliminate the need for rework.
The team minimized productivity obstacles, leading to benefits like reduced costs in prefabrication planning and more efficient material handling.
VEC brought optimization opportunities for routing, which allowed for advancing the field and driving higher efficiency.
Our BIM & VDC specialists assisted USF in becoming among the neighborhood's most famous landmarks, which brought their mission goals to a new level.