South Valley Middle School Campus Replacement

70,000 sq. ft.
Gilroy, CA
2020 — 2023

The South Valley Middle School modernization project encompasses a campus of around 22 acres. Thus, the current school is being transformed as 19 buildings are reconfigured to create a new education facility. The replacement objects include learning communities, administration offices, a gymnasium, multi-use spaces, a food service area, a library/media center, and other academic programs. Such a new construction is estimated to cover almost 70,000 square feet.

The campus concept design involves giving the school a fresh appearance and relocating the entrance from one street to another. This change aims to alleviate traffic congestion within the neighborhood and ensure a safe drop-off area for students. Furthermore, students will have access to new technology infrastructure, maker spaces, and science labs, providing valuable learning opportunities. When working on this project, the most significant challenge for VEC was to follow all the customer’s requirements and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

VEC tech specialists are an integral part of the particular education project from 2020. Our skilled team of virtual construction experts have provided world-class electrical BIM & VDC and Civil Underground services. When working on the South Valley Middle School, we have closely collaborated with Flint Builders, Inc. as the general contractor and other trades involved.

Electrical BIM & VDC

Our electrical BIM & VDC services cover power, lighting, and telecom system modeling. Also, the VEC team created a thorough BIM Execution Plan and shared it with all stakeholders to provide them with the correct understanding and management of relevant BIM deliverables.

Meanwhile, 3D systems’ models are vital to ensure their proper performance after construction due to the opportunity to detect and eliminate clashes quickly. That also strengthens project coordination as all parties get these 3D models and realize how the systems will be constructed on-site. After all, creating a unique environment that will offer student-centered learning is only possible with valuable BIM data and efficient cooperation between all contractors.

Civil Underground

VEC’s specialists deliver exceptional civil underground services for this educational project. They encompass various tasks such as 3D modeling, project management, BIM coordination, civil underground wet & dry (VDC), and onsite technology work. We have effectively utilized BIM software solutions such as Revitzo, Revit, and Navisworks throughout the project.

Our experts promptly document all design-related issues using PDF Markups and propose relevant solutions, including fittings and pipe length adjustments. Besides, we have created installation drawings to ensure accurate implementation in alignment with the plans. Lastly, our team performed essential tasks such as 3D laser-scanning, reporting on deviations from the current conditions, developing as-built models and drawings, identifying clashes, etc.

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Since South Valley Middle School buildings were constructed in the 1950s, many utilities and spaces were near the end of their life and required replacement. After its completion, the new SVMS campus will become another modern facility in Gilroy Unified School District (GUSD).
With our first-class electrical BIM & VDC services, VEC creates a new, state-of-the-art academic zone for many students.
We ensure the customer will obtain time and money savings because of the efficient coordination and communication between all contractors.
Our BIM professionals help transform the campus and improve the surrounding neighborhood and the entire local community.
VEC’s tech specialists have conducted a complex analysis of all project details to ensure no critical aspects were ignored.
Our team provides efficient coordination to minimize costs associated with on-site rework and facilitates the accurate establishment of layout points for installation.
VEC has registered numerous scans throughout the project site, which plays a vital role in maintaining data integrity and facilitating seamless sharing.

VEC Team Reviews

Omar Hussien

"It's amazing how fast and how much the bluff has receded over the last year. To capture and analyze this data opens my eyes to what this technology can be used for."

Jesus Chavez

"It was a pleasure working alongside AECOM to analyze the corrosion of the bluff using Laser scanning Technology and Drone Photogrammetry. The data we captured is essential as it will provide insight into the stability and safety of the bluff."