Rose Avenue K-5 School

860 acres
Martinez, CA
2021 — 2022
The Rose Avenue K-5 school reconstruction project covers a two-story building with 23 general-purpose classrooms, 4 kindergarten classrooms, 1 kinder-flex, and 2 SDC classrooms. It also features a piano lab, library, makers room, administration offices, multipurpose rooms, playfields, hard courts, and support spaces, covering a total area of 58,347 sq. ft. The project consisted of two phases. Phase-1 required constructing new campus facilities on the existing play fields, and Phase-2 involved demolishing the old campus and building new play areas. The key objective of such reconstruction was to create an up-to-date learning environment that would meet the Oxnard Union School District’s vision for success. Thus, providing collaborative, reflective, and tech-rich spaces was crucial to support various learning modalities. Besides, the relevant approach promoted high-level cooperation between students and teachers. During the project, VEC found it challenging to develop mechanical and plumbing systems because of the number of agile learning spaces with numerous connections. 
VEC’s experienced team participated in this education campus project in 2021-22 and provided top-notch mechanical and plumbing BIM & VDC services. They included constructability review and routing optimization, prefabrication planning, 3D mech modeling and coordination, and shop and installation drawings development. All trade partners identified and resolved clashes quickly and efficiently with our services. Apart from creating robust 3D models of mech and plumbing systems, VEC’s tech specialists made necessary revisions due to the coordination process and BIM Execution Plan (BEP). At the same time, we produced well-detailed shop/installation drawings depending on the relevant coordination models. They served as the basis of installation for the field team. Our skilled BIM & VDC experts ultimately maintained and updated BIM documentation following the changes. 
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Thanks to our first-class mech and plumbing BIM & VDC services, the Rose Avenue K-5 school reconstruction project could align with the Oxnard District’s vision and specifications. So, we helped build a modern educational campus that supports active learning with technology.
  • VEC created high-quality models of mech systems using the Revit software and shared them with other stakeholders in an acceptable format.
  • Our professional team ensured that all connections between plumbing, mech, and other systems were completed accurately.
  • By guaranteeing the appropriate alignment, we contributed to the effective installation process and eliminating inaccurate testing practices.