Palcare Daycare Facility Renovation

Commercial Real Estate
6,200 sq. ft.
Burlingame, CA
Palcare is a non-profit school and child care center serving over 200 families whose members work at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). It provides a new approach to flexible, nurturing education and care focused on children's development seven days a week. Also, it features an outstanding faculty, a rich environment, modern educational practices, and active parent engagement. The project had an aim to renovate and expand the facility to satisfy the demand for more extensive child care and administrative areas. Besides, it was critical to meet the requirements and standards of specific authorities like the National Association for The Education of Young Children and the California Department of Education. The biggest challenge for VEC was providing appropriate 3D modeling services that would ensure further construction depending on the required codes.
The Palcare Daycare Facility Renovation took place in 2019. As a reliable BIM & VDC partner, VEC helped the customer undergo such renovation by providing our power, lighting, and HVAC system modeling services. When working on the project, our tech experts always remembered that bringing a convenient and cozy environment is vital for children in the facility. In addition, BIM technology allowed for better communication between the VEC Team, the customer, the general contractor, and other contractors like Redwood Electric. Meanwhile, 3D models designed by our specialists using Revit software helped identify and address early-stage clashes. That also ensured the appropriate coordination between all parties.
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The experienced VEC Team could satisfy the need for expanded child care and administrative spaces. And our tech specialists ensured compliance of this 6,200-square-foot facility in Burlingame, California, with all the necessary regulations and quality standards.
  • During the project, VEC experts provided each stakeholder with the necessary 3D models of power, lighting, and HVAC systems.
  • We helped the customer and other contractors understand how to construct those systems on-site and how they would work.
  • By providing the relevant BIM & VDC services, VEC contributed to creating an affordable, high-quality education and child care facility.