Kodiak Sciences Building 4

Life Science
113,119 sq. ft.
Palo Alto, CA
Kodiak Sciences is among the leading biomedical companies developing novel treatments for patients with retinal disease. The customer aimed to expand by leasing large office buildings in Stanford Research Park and using them as their new corporate headquarters. Those new facilities would feature up-to-date research labs and office space and play a critical role for Kodiak in ensuring scaled manufacturing of its therapeutics. Since the customer focuses on adding new approaches to designing and manufacturing next-generation retinal therapies, VEC's key challenge was meeting all Kodiak's requirements. It was an exciting but, at the same time, challenging task for our team to develop 3D models that would guarantee the appropriate performance of lab equipment.
VEC experts worked on this life science project in 2021 and cooperated effectively with all contractors, most closely with Redwood Electric. For the 113,119-square-foot building in Palo Alto, our BIM & VDC specialists provided power, lighting, and telecom system modeling services intending to assist the client in the effective development of innovative therapeutics solutions. With Revit software, we created robust 3D models of systems mentioned above. That allowed for improving coordination between all trades involved and facilitating the overall construction process. After all, we could successfully satisfy all the customer’s requirements and helped them save significant costs by providing our BIM & VDC services.
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The VEC Team is proud of participating in such an innovative life science project and helping Kodiak Sciences create a state-of-the-art lab and office facility. Thus, the customer can develop their therapeutics faster and fight against high-prevalence ophthalmic diseases more effectively.
  • Thanks to our 3D system modeling services, we assisted the client in ensuring that all equipment in research labs would perform appropriately.
  • VEC involvement was vital for the project since our tech experts showed all the required expertise to create high-quality 3D models.
  • We helped ensure that future Kodiak Sciences researchers and other employees would get a human-centered experience working in this modern facility.