Genentech B50 SSF Clinical Supply Center

Life Science | Pharma
78,520 sq. ft.
South San Francisco, CA
The new Genentech Clinical Supply Center is the company’s small-batch biologics facility, representing its next-generation manufacturing and sustainable efforts. By leveraging the latest bioprocessing technologies and modular design, the customer would ensure the proper on-demand delivery of their investigational medicines for clinical trials. After all, the project’s goal was to build an innovative medicine manufacturing facility to satisfy patient requirements and address public health emergencies smoothly. In addition, this clinical supply center is the first Genentech building that achieved LEED Gold certification. The facility could maximize efficiency using fewer resources, which allows for a significant reduction of environmental impact. In such a case, the most challenging task for VEC was to assist Genentech in its sustainability strategies and create models that would ensure effective adoption in practice.
VEC worked on this biopharmaceutical project in San Francisco in 2021 and closely cooperated with other contractors like Redwood Electric. As a BIM & VDC partner, we provided high-quality models of power, lighting, telecom, and security systems for the 78,520-foot-square building. Since Genentech wanted to use a modular approach to producing multiple drugs simultaneously and utilize up-to-date equipment like bioprocess bags, we were responsible for guaranteeing that everything would work appropriately. Fortunately, our 3D models created in Revit software gave the correct understanding of their future look and performance. That was critical for their further construction on-site and productive cooperation among all involved parties.
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Genentech Clinical Supply Center is among the most innovative biopharmaceutical facilities VEC contributed to. Thanks to the design that incorporates sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly manufacturing operations, this 2-stories facility can use 25% less energy and source 100% of electricity from its own renewable sources.
  • Our BIM & VDC services helped build a state-of-the-art building that uses tech advancements for agile biologics production without affecting the environment.
  • VEC tech experts designed all the systems in detail, keeping in mind the flexibility of the available space and the ability to quickly reconfigure equipment for different scenarios.
  • We assisted Genentech in its constant commitment to California and fighting against the global climate crisis.