Elk Grove High School

95,000 sq. ft.
Santa Barbara, CA
2020 — 2022
The Elk Grove Union High School's campus spans around 43 acres. Constructed in 1964, it underwent the latest modernization in 1999. The campus comprises 23 permanent and 37 relocatable buildings, accommodating 94 classrooms. Almost all relocatable facilities are 20 or even more years old. Thus, the key aim of the EGHS campus's upgrade is to bring its facilities in line with those of newer high school campuses within the District. Some other goals include enhancing the learning environments to meet current and upcoming tech requirements. During the modernization project, VEC assisted in creating a two-story building at the intersection of Elk Grove-Florin Road and Valley Oak Lane. It features thirty classrooms, department offices, and restrooms. VEC's biggest challenge was ensuring the proper work of mechanical and plumbing systems since the facility was built upwards because of the limited space. That was the solution to maximize the number of classrooms.
Our experts worked on that education construction project in 2020-23 and provided world-class mechanical BIM & VDC services for the Elk Grove Union High School. Such services covered constructability review and routing optimization, prefabrication planning, 3D mech modeling and coordination, and the creation of shop/installation drawings. Also, VEC helped realize issues that could appear on-site and proposed efficient buildable solutions. First, we created markups, optimized routings, and clarified general design. Then, our prefabrication activities helped redefine the project delivery and scheduling. And when it came to 3D mech modeling, we performed it after analyzing contract drawings, determining installation approaches, and choosing necessary materials. So, VEC’s tech specialists could ensure the proper capturing of critical data while coordinating 3D mechanical models. Finally, we developed accurate shop and installation drawings that field workers utilized on-site.
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With high-quality mechanical BIM services, our professional team became integral to upgrading the Elk Grove Union High School's campus. We could greatly assist in creating environments that encourage participation, stimulate inventiveness, and enrich education.
  • After thoroughly reviewing the available drawings and specifications, VEC’s experts created well-detailed buildable models and construction shop drawings.
  • Our team assisted the customer in prefabrication processes, which improved cost performance and promoted better safety on the construction site.
  • By establishing effective collaboration, we helped avoid different unpleasant situations. That allowed other teams to start the construction process faster.