Del Sol High School

270,000 sq. ft.
Oxnard, CA
2021 — 2022
The upcoming Oxnard High School campus will feature new classroom buildings, a library, media, performing arts, a gymnasium, and a multi-purpose facility. Moreover, it will comprise a full track and field stadium, baseball and softball fields for Varsity/Junior Varsity, a soccer field, and a pool building. The campus is spread across 52 acres, with 10.5 acres dedicated to shared community usage. The current barn on the property is of great historical value to Oxnard. It has been conserved and relocated to the northwest edge of the site, close to the agricultural field. Besides, North Oxnard's $240-million campus is designed to overcome the overcrowding issues faced by two other high schools in the district, namely Rio Mesa and Adolfo Camarillo. With plans to start operations in the 2023-24 school year, this education facility will accommodate an incoming freshman class of approximately 600 students, thereby enhancing the quality of service for the local community's students and families. During the project, our VEC Team found it challenging to ensure all mech systems would work appropriately because of the large scale.
Our skilled, professional team provided high-quality mechanical BIM & VDC services for such an up-to-date educational project. That covered constructability review, routing optimization, prefabrication planning, 3D mech modeling and coordination, and shop/installation drawings creation. All those services were crucial to constructing the facility and contributed to completing the goals of Oxnard’s 2030 general plan. Our primary focus was on addressing installers’ requirements throughout the design stages. Thus, our experts delivered high-quality constructability markups and routing optimizations to generate pertinent, buildable models and drawings. In addition, by creating prefabrication plans, we assisted the customer in conserving resources during construction, which is among the most critical benefits we offer.
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Thanks to our mechanical BIM & VDC services, we help the local community address their education-related needs. Apart from expanding the number of future students, there will also be an increase in the number of teachers and other additional staff, which is beneficial for Oxnard.
  • VEC successfully mitigated productivity obstacles, resulting in advantages like lower costs in prefabrication planning and improved material handling efficiency.
  • We presented routing optimization prospects that facilitated progress in the field and drove efficiency significantly.
  • Our tech specialists helped the client become the local community's future landmark, thus elevating its mission and goals to new heights.