Confidential Client Data Center #4

Mission Critical
40,000 sq. ft.
Sacramento, CA
2018 — 2021

Our confidential client planned for the expansion of its Silicon Valley campus by introducing a new, highly energy-efficient data center. This up-to-date mission-critical facility, spanning two floors, was designed to provide small- and large-capacity deployments. The project relied on modular construction, incorporating all the customer’s data center principles. This would allow the facilitation of common design elements regarding space, electrical power, and cooling, reducing capital costs and predictable long-term maintenance.

In the initial phase, the data center introduced about 61,000 sq. ft. of colocation space. The expansion enabled seamless campus cross-connectivity to other facilities, making it a perfect location for those seeking interconnection with prominent network and cloud service providers. The project was initially built to accommodate 1,450 cabinets, with the potential for more cabinets in future phases. After all phases were completed, the facility has a total capacity of 2,950 cabinets.

Our confidential client’s primary objective was to cater to numerous enterprise partners and customers. When working on this state-of-the-art project, the most significant challenge for VEC experts was to develop robust 3D models of electrical systems to assist the customer in improving its business performance and offering digital transformation initiatives for businesses.

VEC's experienced professionals played a crucial role in the data center project from 2020–21 by providing world-class electrical BIM & VDC services, mainly focusing on power, lighting, fire alarm (FA), and telecom system modeling. By utilizing BIM, we ensured precise information and document management, enabling the customer to benefit from our 3D models even after the construction phase. That also meant effective facility management going forward.

VEC created accurate and detailed as-built native Revit models which were free from unnecessary clutter or extraneous files and included drawing sheets and linked reference documents. These models encompassed final approved and validated field changes, specific construction details, and unique client-defined parameters.

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With our top-notch electrical modeling services, VEC contributed to constructing a modern data center facility. As a reliable BIM partner, we helped the confidential client target LEED Silver certification by providing energy-efficient systems to maintain the campus’s 20-MW capacity.
Our team enhanced design and construction activities by promoting transparency, facilitating data access, and enabling efficient exchange of information among different trades.
Thanks to our exceptional 3D modeling services, the customer achieved schedule and cost certainty, improving project delivery and outcomes.
VEC developed fully clash-detected models to minimize Requests for Information (RFIs) regarding object locations, thus mitigating multiple clashes effectively.