Confidential Client Data Center #3

Mission Critical
121,000 sq. ft.
Santa Clara, CA
2020 — 2021

The confidential customer’s brand-new data center in Santa Clara aimed to be delivered as a turnkey facility or a power shell with a critical power capacity of 10 megawatts. Moreover, this 121,000-square-foot carrier-neutral project has a strategic location with access to major fiber routes. It offers private and shared office spaces, secure staging and storage areas next to a loading dock, and enough on-site parking.

Besides, the project had the intent to increase the amount of data center inventory and competition in Silicon Valley. The latter is not only among the biggest and most crucial data center markets in the United States but one of the most challenging destinations to construct new facilities of this type. During the work on that mission-critical object, the biggest challenge for our team was guaranteeing the most efficient performance of electrical and power systems, considering the building’s primary purpose and size.

The experienced VEC experts played an important role in constructing such a modern data center facility at Comstock Street in 2020-21. In that case, our skilled team provided top-notch electrical BIM & VDC services, emphasizing power, lighting, and telecommunications systems modeling. Thanks to BIM technology, we ensured precise information and effective document management. That allowed the client to benefit from our 3D models after completing the construction process. 

Regarding project deliverables, we developed accurate and high-detailed native Revit models. Those contained no unnecessary data or clutter; they involved the proper drawing sheets and linked reference documents. So, VEC’s models covered all approved and validated field-related changes, specific construction details, customer-defined parameters, and other native files.

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With our world-class electrical BIM & VDC services, we helped the customer to break ground in Santa Clara and continue offering the best possible wholesale data center leasing in the whole state.
The VEC team enhanced design and construction activities by increasing transparency, seamless data access, and facilitating data exchange among stakeholders.
Thanks to advanced 3D system modeling capabilities, the client could achieve greater cost certainty and scheduling, resulting in improved project delivery.
Our professionals developed fully clash-detected models that assisted in reducing the number of RFIs on the facility location and avoiding numerous clashes.