Confidential Center Utility Plant

21,630 sq. ft.
Sunnyvale, CA
2019 — 2021
Confidential Center Utility Plant project required demolishing the existing buildings to construct two new five-story facilities, a four-story garage and surface parking areas for over 2,000 cars and a central utility plant. The new campus became home to about 4,5000 company employees. Designed by world-famous BIG Architects, its buildings are topped by amazing green roofs and sport gently sloping terraces offering proper access to all floors. At the same time, the slopes feature outdoor gathering spaces and cafes. In addition, this scalable project included relocating and upgrading all the current street lighting systems, hydrants, irrigation systems, water supplies, etc. Thus, VEC became an integral part of utilities’ reinstallation, mainly the center utility plant, which was subject to the customer’s design guidelines. In the relevant case, the most significant challenge for us was to provide modeling of multiple electrical systems keeping the client’s sustainability efforts in mind.
VEC experts worked on Center Utility Plant in 2019-21. Here, our qualified team offered electrical BIM & VDC services, mainly creating 3D models of power, lighting, telecom, fire alarm (FA), security, and audiovisual systems. We utilized Revit, the specific BIM software, to provide all stakeholders with the necessary deliverables, and collaborated with the electrical contractor. With VEC’s BIM coordination model, everyone involved could see each building level and the entire project site. That covered various data types required for a complete view of the environment where the utility plant would be constructed. The proposed model elements are relevant building components and systems impacting the facility’s organization, coordination, access, and maintenance significantly. Lastly, due to evolving project documents and procuring equipment, we effectively inserted actual pieces of equipment models into the general one.
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By providing top-notch BIM & VDC services, VEC created an up-to-date campus aiming to achieve LEED Gold certification. The project focuses on increasing energy efficiency and reducing water consumption. Meanwhile, its interiors obtain natural daylight and some solar power, ensuring greywater recycling.
  • Our 3D models of power, lighting, telecom, FA, security, and audiovisual systems helped reduce costs associated with different errors, omissions, and conflicts. 
  • VEC assisted in increasing fabrication and installation efficiencies by pre-assembly and repetitively installing identical components.
  • We created models exclusively for the particular scope of work and linked them to each other across disciplines to ensure better coordination and eliminate duplicate work.