Bionova Scientific

Life Science | Pharma
36,000 sq. ft.
Fremont, CA
Bionova Scientific is a famous biologics contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) focused on protein production, cell line development, and analytical expertise. The company built its commercial, fully single-use good manufacturing practice (GMP) biologics center in Fremont, CA. This modern manufacturing facility ensures the effective production of clinical supplies for customers utilizing mammalian cell culture trains. The project aim was to enhance the company’s service offerings within biotherapeutics. Also, Bionova Scientific had an objective to meet the growing need for industrial biomanufacturing capacity. Therefore, the most critical challenge for VEC tech specialists was to accurately create 3D models keeping in mind all the requirements related to constructing manufacturing facilities. We had to ensure that all power and lighting systems would work appropriately to maintain efficient asset performance and overall manufacturing process.
VEC experts worked on this biomanufacturing 36,000-square-foot project in 2021. Our electrical BIM & VDC services closely cooperated with the general contractor, Dome Construction, and other contractors like Cupertino Electric. Thus, our experienced team built high-quality 3D power and lighting system models for Bionova Scientific’s 2-stories facility. Those models created in Revit software could minimize potential clashes and ensure the correct on-site construction of systems. Meanwhile, our timely delivery allowed for better coordination of all involved stakeholders since everyone knew how the systems would perform in practice.
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Since Bionova Scientific previously used the new biomanufacturing center as a cleanroom facility, there was a critical need to install all equipment and systems correctly. That is where our tech specialists came in handy by providing robust 3D power and system modeling. After all, the particular plant is among the most exciting life science projects VEC has ever worked on, as we had to depend on industry-specific GMP production requirements.
  • Thanks to first-class electrical BIM & VDC services, the VEC Team contributed to creating an up-to-date manufacturing building.
  • As an integral part of Bionova’s project, we helped ensure compliance with international commercial drug manufacturing rules.
  • Despite the numerous challenges because of the coronavirus pandemic, VEC and other contractors could deliver the required outcomes on time.