Autodesk Landmark 4 Building

Commercial Real Estate
284,000 sq. ft.
San Francisco, CA
2019 — 2020

Autodesk decided to continue expanding in San Francisco and establish its headquarters at the Market Street location. Although it seems to be a symbolic move, the fact is that these offices have already been the company’s de facto headquarters, with all the top executives working there. The client decided to leave its renovated Mission Street office facilities due to excess space, a common trend among tech companies whose employees now prefer remote work.

Autodesk leased the two floors in the 11-story San Francisco Landmark building. That 80-year-old structure was modernized to an up-to-date, class-A office facility, preserving its historic architectural style and maintaining the grand façade. Today, the building has a repaired exterior, upgraded seismic characteristics, and the latest mechanical, electrical, elevator, and telecommunications systems installed. The most exciting and challenging part of this project was to ensure the proper performance of the client’s MEP systems due to building specifics.

VEC’s tech specialists were involved in the Autodesk headquarters project at Market Street from 2019–2021. We provided advanced mechanical and plumbing BIM & VDC services for the 4th floor of the Landmark building, including:

  • Reviewing constructability and optimizing routing
  • Planning prefabrication
  • Creating 3D mechanical models
  • Coordinating with other trades
  • Creating shop and installation drawings 
  • Helping to identify potential on-site issues and suggest effective solutions to implement

Initially, we developed markups, optimized routings, and clarified the overall project design. We then ensured our prefabrication activities assisted in redefining the project delivery and schedule performance. When it came time for 3D mechanical modeling, we first analyzed the contract drawings, determined the installation approach, and selected the necessary materials. That was essential for appropriate modeling and coordination. Lastly, we created precise shop and installation drawings for the field team to utilize on-site.

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Our experienced team played a crucial role in improving Autodesk headquarters by providing top-notch mechanical and plumbing BIM & VDC services. VEC contributed to creating a modern office facility that showcases sustainability performance and promotes employee engagement.
After carefully examining the available drawings and specifications, our experts developed highly-detailed buildable models and construction shop drawings.
We assisted the client in the prefabrication process, which led to improved cost performance and increased safety on site.
With efficient collaboration, we could prevent potential issues and facilitate a smoother construction process, allowing other teams to begin their work more quickly.