Amgen Chemistry and Biology Labs - 18N

Life Science | Pharma
260,000 sq. ft.
South San Francisco, CA
2018 — 2021

By building a new research and development biopharmaceutical facility in South San Francisco, Amgen decided to continue its 20-years presence in this region famous for science and biotech innovations. The facility became Amgen’s second-largest R&D site, focusing on discovering medicines for people living with cancer, inflammatory disease, and cardiometabolic disorders. Thus, the critical project goal was to demonstrate the company’s commitment to creating effective therapeutics for the most severe diseases. 

The new 260,000-square-foot nine-story building serves as a workplace for over 600 staff members dedicated to 24 various functions. In addition, this biopharmaceutical project covers open workspaces and state-of-the-art laboratories designed to promote cooperation and teamwork. During our involvement, the most significant challenge for VEC experts was maintaining the accuracy of BIM models while incorporating all design changes that occurred during the preconstruction and construction phases.

VEC tech specialists were crucial to that chemistry and biology labs project in 2018-20. We provided robust electrical BIM & VDC services during the relevant period, mainly power system modeling. We utilized BIM to ensure accurate information and document management and allowed the customer to use 3D models even after construction. That will guarantee effective facility management. 

As project deliverables, the VEC Team provided precise and well-detailed as-built native Revit models, free of clutter or extraneous files. Moreover, that contained drawing sheets and linked reference documents. Thus, our as-built models included final approved and validated field changes, construction details, Amgen-defined parameters, and all linked native files.

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VEC's high-quality electrical BIM & VDC services assisted in constructing a modern biopharma facility and meeting high standards for environmental sustainability. For instance, Amgen's building has been submitted for well-known LEED certification. Ultimately, we contributed to a project that represents a perfect mix of tech and cutting-edge science, attracting local professionals to build their careers here.
Our experts improved design and construction processes by increasing transparency, data access, and exchange among various trades.
With our top-notch power system 3D modeling, the client obtained cost and schedule certainty and enhanced project delivery.
VEC created fully clash-detected models to reduce RFIs requesting data on object location, which allowed for avoiding multiple clashes.