Anna Vasylenko

Anna Vasylenko

VEC-UA Director


O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv
  • Masters of Electrical Engineering


8 years of AEC industry experience
  • 8 years as BIM/VDC consultant (VEC, Ehvert)


  • Autodesk Certified: Autodesk Revit MEP

What is your personal 'WHY' that has led you to VEC?

After several years working for different companies in the AEC industry, I made the choice to work for the VEC-UA team. Joining the team allowed me to accept more responsibilities and more opportunities for growth. I faced many challenges on my way to where I am now, and though challenges are a part of life, I am always able to conquer them head-on with the help of the VEC-UA team.

What is your favorite VEC customer success story and/or what is your proudest moment working on a project at VEC?

People remember either big failures or big wins. When I worked on the production team for the C3C project, we produced the drawings which were used on-site directly by the field team. We communicated with the foreman closely and, as a result, we received very positive feedback from the site that the drawings were very useful and helped with the construction and resolving field issues. Another great success story relates to the recent challenges for the entire team when proper internal and external communication was established for uninterrupted projects maintenance and team involvement by the VEC-UA side during the massive office relocation across Ukraine.

What is your favorite memory with the VEC team?

The most memorable moment was a few years ago when Shane, Brittany, Oleg, and Ivana visited Ukraine. I will always cherish the moment when we all met each other in real life and got to know each other better.

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