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VEC LOD Slide Through Comparison

The ConTechCrew 209: There are only 4 Dimensions! with Shane Saltzgiver of VEC

Construction tech news with James Benham (@JamesMBenham) and Jeff Sample (@IronmanofIT), Featuring an Interview with Shane Saltzgiver from VEC

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Construction Genius:
A Leadership Master-Class

Shane Saltzgiver — founder and CEO of VEC, joins us today to discuss reducing waste in our construction projects using technology.

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A place for creative storytelling to merge with the innovation at VEC.

VEC Pictures:
LOD Piano

VEC Pictures:
Lord of the BIM

VEC Pictures:
Mission BIMpossible

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Construction needs predictability.

When you embark on a project that will last months and cost millions of dollars, wouldn’t it feel incredible to have every milestone outlined, every big decision planned, and every project team on the same page?