Ramon Almeida

Ramon Almeida

VEC-BR Director of Production


Federal University of Goiás
  • Bachelor of Science: Civil Engineering


6 years of AEC industry experience
  • 6 years as BIM/VDC consultant (VEC, Kaedrus, WeCoordinate, ENGworks)


  • Autodesk Certified Professional: Revit for Mechanical Building Systems (2019)

What is your personal 'WHY' that has lead you to VEC?

Since I was a child I was always curious to understand how things worked, the mechanisms and how the pieces fit together. I also always looked for ways to do things in the most optimized way, to save time or save resources. This curiosity and habits led me to study engineering, not only to understand, but also to be able to create and optimize activities that I believed were not efficient. With that desire and with the skillset acquired in the university, I started working with BIM and then as a VEC partner. Helping VEC to achieve the goal of better construction in the amazing projects in the biggest construction market in the world was nothing less than a dream becoming reality. When I joined VEC as a leader I was sure that I was having a mega opportunity in my life to do what I love as well as influence people to find better solutions for the existing problems and to do more with less, and it is limitless.

What is your favorite VEC customer success story and/or what is your proudest moment working on a project at VEC?

I still remember when VEC and our client presented to a large group of people in one of the biggest construction conferences in US. We were presented as a successful case study that VEC found a solution to a problem hard to solve: how to check elements on slab before pouring, even if the items were installed the day before concrete was going to be poured. In that presentation our team was presented as essential to that solution, as the client was explaining that the project was a success because of what we did. The number of attendees at this conference was around a third of the population of the city I was born. So being there and being a part of a successful solution in front of a massive audience was unbelievable. I can say that was one of my proudest moments working at VEC.

What is your favorite memory with the VEC team?

It's hard to choose one good memory and call it the favorite, however one of the memories I like the most was when Leo and Shane visited the Brazil office. I remember that day when Leo and Shane were in the office working with the team on finding solutions or understanding the limitations of working remotely. The team was really being connected in a personal level to the US team. At that moment it was really clear to me the value Better Together.

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