Leo Castillo

Leo Castillo

Principal | Director of Civil Underground & Mechanical VDC


Arizona State University
  • Bachelor of Science: Technological Entrepreneurship & Management (TEM)


18 years of AEC industry experience
  • 5 years as BIM/VDC consultant (VEC)
  • 13 years as Design & Construction for Mechanical, Process Piping, & Industrial Engineering (Sandis, HMH Engineering, Barry-Wehmiller Design Group)


  • PMI

What is your personal 'WHY' that has led you to VEC?

The belief that anyone with a strong enough drive and dedication, combined with an intense desire to achieve remarkable results. I instantly sensed that VEC was on a meaningful mission during my interview, and I knew I had to be a part of the mission. As someone who wants to make their mark, there was no choice.

What is your favorite VEC customer success story and/or what is your proudest moment working on a project at VEC?

Just like anyone else, I get excited when we work on a mega project for a mega company, or when a VP or Px recognizes our work. But to be perfectly frank, it's the small indicators that make the biggest difference for me. It's the superintendent who didn't believe or understand the benefit of BIM Coordination at the start of the project that doesn't want us to roll off the job because we're delivering so much value to the field. It's the GF that was dead set against technology at the start and now lights up when they see the detail and accuracy of a point cloud or installation model. That's what keeps me going more than anything.

What is your favorite memory with the VEC team?

The most meaningful memories for me are the collection of 1-on-1 moments that have given me the opportunity to get to know my colleagues on a personal level. In order to support others in achieving their personal and professional hopes and dreams, I try to understand them uniquely. The most special memories for me are the stories of when a team member excitedly shares that she is going to see her father for the first time in 7 years. It's another team member who confides they are struggling with public speaking only to see them a few months later become a rock star in giving technical presentations. I carry all those memories around with me to remind me of what's most important and what we're truly supposed to be focused on — learning and helping others grow as human beings.

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