Your vision, built right from day one.


As you put a team together for your next construction project, you might find yourself balancing lots of moving parts. That’s where VEC comes in. The sooner we get involved, the smoother your work will flow.


The Foundation

Our goal is to understand and then be understood. We ask a million questions — the right ones to identify the stage of development your project is in, the category/use of the building, and your expected goals and outcomes. This lets us confidently engage at any phase of construction. Whether you're penciling out the financials or ready to pull the trigger and hire a builder, a conversation with us will help you pick the best way forward.


The Bones

Press play and let's go! We swoop in and deploy the perfect technological solutions. For greenfield developments, we deploy UAV drones to map your site. For renovation/reuse projects, we deploy fast, portable 3D laser scanners to precisely capture actual building conditions. There's nothing better than a single-source of truth to help you make the right decisions.


Topping Out

Once we have true site conditions, we're ready to go to work for you. We collaborate with your Designer & Builder to implement constructability, value engineering, and protect your bottom line, right from the start. We provide value that practically doesn't exist in today's typical development process: Predictability.


The trust we’ve earned so far.

The proof is in the projects.

Let’s break ground on a partnership.

Enough about us. We’re far more interested in what you’re working on — and how we can help.

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