Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan

Senior Project Manager - VDC Coordination Management


Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  • Bachelor of Science: Industrial Engineering


15 years of AEC industry experience
  • 2 years as BIM/VDC consultant (VEC)
  • 12 years as superintendent for general contractor (BCCI, REC Solar)
  • 1 year as electrical subcontractor (St. Francis Electric)


What is your personal 'WHY' that has lead you to VEC?

Having come from a general contractor background, I have experienced the difference of well coordinated projects first hand. As a superintendent, I dealt with a myriad number of foreseeable issues on projects that did not have a well oiled BIM process in pre-construction. In order to keep a job on track in those circumstances it translates into a lot of long days, weekend work, and double shifts. If not managed properly, this can quickly snowball into costly COs for a project and build a lot of stress on the team. After getting exposure to projects that were well coordinated ahead of time in the 3D environment, and seeing the benefits for everyone involved, it was very clear to me that I needed to be part of the solution. So I joined VEC full time to push the change I wanted to see and have a bigger positive impact on the industry and increase the quality of life for those working in it.

What is your favorite VEC customer success story and/or what is your proudest moment working on a project at VEC?

Taking on a large and complex data center project that had an extremely aggressive timeline that no one thought was doable. At the start of the project there was plenty of friction from several trade team members, which was understandable given the challenge in front of us. The VEC team put in a lot of effort to smooth things out as much as possible and several weeks in everyone saw the process starting to work with solid progress being made. Attitudes changed and we went from "it can't be done" to "we can do this". That's what I want to do for our clients.

What is your favorite memory with the VEC team?

Walking job sites with some of my remote team members who put incredible time and energy into their work, but rarely get to see the physical fruits of their labor. Their excitement was palpable as they picked out details of solutions that they had come up with and the field teams had executed well. It was a very gratifying moment to see these folks realize that their hard work was translating into clean installs.

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