It shouldn’t be this easy.

A true story from Shane Saltzgiver, Founder & CEO.

A year into our partnership on a large aviation project, I visited the electrical contractor representing our client.

I asked about his company’s job performance, the best metric of our VDC team’s contributions. He leaned back in his chair and admitted, “I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but it shouldn’t be this easy.” A statement like that has likely never been made in the history of airport construction. VEC’s applied expertise, seamless collaboration, and meticulous planning had achieved huge reductions in labor hours, rework, material cost, field disputes, and delays.

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We constantly challenge both our own limits and our clients’ view of what’s possible.


We help our team members find it between their personal and professional lives; we proudly offer company retreats, outings, and a career development program.





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